Google Translate Android Updated with Handwriting Recognition.

Google Translate Android Updated with Handwriting Recognition. GoogleTranslate is a great tool for deciphering foreign languages on the go, and it’s getting better. With the addition of handwriting recognition in a new update, users now have the benefit of translating languages with characters not typically found on an English keyboard, such as Japanese and Chinese. Those two languages are joined by English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish in supporting the new feature. Text and voice input still figure to be a big part of using the app, but this latest wrinkle opens up a world of possibilities.

Google has learned a new language

Google is not only a search engine … a company other than a very users to be very popular thanks to its many applications the succeeds google, to make users more dependent on google google translate service, has added new language. For those who do not know google translate, you can text or full-page translation, or just one word out of this money in other languages, you can find an online web application … Late in the day with a description language memory trasnlate google language output 41. The newly added “language identification” with features you do not understand the language of text which do not have to think. You just select the language çevir, to automatically detect the language you do your own google … And finally on google 20 billion more than the memory word trasnlate hosting services that go.

Google Translate

Google translation of this month has added new language. Many countries used to make text or sentence translation google translate to see great interest.

Just do not text translation, web pages translation is as close to perfect. Also, your computer or other programs you do not like the translation, is turning very quickly.

In seconds you want to translate in the language offers.